Tagliatelle Tartufo, Pancetta e Funghi

Even today we present you a quick and easy recipe to prepare.
It is very important for us to be able to suggest dishes that emphasize quality ingredients that, although
assembled in a simple way, manage to give you unique dishes.
For this recipe we combined the flavor of bacon with the unique flavor of truffles that also goes well with
mushrooms. In short, a great dish to savor during a dinner (or lunch) with family or friends.

- 360 grams of Tagliatelle
- Minced Summer Truffle or Truffle Sauce
- EVO oil q.b.
- Salt q.b
- Pepper (optional)

Cook the chopped mushrooms in a pan with garlic, EVO oil and salt. Separately, in another pan, roll the
diced bacon until it is slightly crispy. In the meantime, let's cook the noodles.
For a good coat of the pasta, store a little cooking water.
Add the mushrooms to the pan where the bacon has been browned and sauté the noodles. Add the Minced
Summer Truffle or Tartufata Sauce and, if you like, a pinch of pepper.
Now you can serve your dish!

Enjoy your meal!!!!

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